Into Tomorrow

Throughout my previous posts I have come to an awareness as a homeowner, for as much as it’s touted as the pinnacle of social achievement to have your own home and responsibilities, I kind of yearn to be back in the days of apartment rental, where the responsibilities were minimal, and if something happened, I could just call up the landlord and have them sort out the issue. Not saying that the experience isn’t one that opens your eyes though. Even in the process of trying to find reliable plumbing services in Delaware it has been a learning experience. No matter the issues that may strike my home, they are my own personal issues, and ones that I need to find a resolution to.

Even during the process of trying to acclimate myself to American living, I am also trying to learn the ins and outs of going from being a renter, to being a home owner, and the main source of responsibility when it comes to ensuring that the house I live in stays standing and operational for another day. This is the place that is responsible for keeping me safe inside and the elements safe outside. And therefore it’s something that I have had to take seriously, and make up for the lack of knowledge I had, with a continual learning curve to ensure that I can rely on my home to do it’s job.

In choosing the plumbing service I did, I made a wise choice. The work done was amazing, and it’s still working to its full potential today. I can’t say the same for all the company choices I made, or the do it yourself attempts I made at fixing things, but everything is a matter of trial and error. Going out of your comfort zone and into a new state of mental being, looking at everything in terms of, if this thing breaks, how can I get it fixed? It has you looking at your home in an entirely different light. When I was renting, these were things I never had to pay attention to, I could just find it not working one day, make a single call to the same place, and magically, a few days later, it was fixed.

Much as it is getting used to a new location city wise, it’s much the same with the type of home you live in and I, in a way, look forward to seeing what else can happen that will cause me to grow as a person, and as a responsible homeowner. Nothing in life will ever go right all the time, and it’s by things going wrong that you truly get to test and challenge your own capabilities. So I must be thankful in some small part to every little thing that doesn’t go right, because it allows me to learn something new, not only about the place, and home that I live in, but myself, that I have it in me to fix anything that breaks.

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