And On It Goes

In my last blog, I was starting my search for a reliable plumber in the area to fix a minor issue with my kitchen sink. Del Campo Plumbing received resounding endorsements from several of my coworkers so I felt confident giving them a call. This seemed like the perfect opportunity for me to find a plumbing company for any future needs that may come up, which I have no doubt they will. The house I bought here in Wilmington, Delaware is far from new and I can tell things have not been updated in a long time. While I haven’t had any major issues come up since moving in, I expect that they will surface eventually. It will make me feel a lot better to know that I have an honest and skilled plumbing contractor I can call when they do arise.

In this post, I’d like to talk about my experience with Del Campo Plumbing and discuss why it is so important to find a quality plumber before there is a major problem. Unexpected emergencies are an unfortunate reality of home ownership, and it is best to be prepared to respond to a wide variety of situations at any time to avoid finding yourself scammed or ripped off by unscrupulous contractors who are lurking everywhere looking for uninformed and unsuspecting customers to prey upon.

As I have mentioned, I am far from the savviest person when it comes to home repairs of any type. Plumbing, heating, electrical, and other mechanical systems are far from my area of expertise, and I have not had to personally deal with many of these issues myself over the years. I am what you could call a late bloomer – I did not move out on my own until several years after college. I saw no reason to throw my money away on rent. I always enjoyed ample freedom and personal space living at home with my parents, and they were always happy to have me. We worked as a unit and helped each other out, making the arrangement more than ideal for all involved. Even once I moved out, I chose to rent which meant a landlord handled any problems that came up. My time as a true homeowner has been very short thus far.

That by no means precludes me from recognizing the many responsibilities of home ownership, however. Leaving issues to fester can often hurt the value of your property and take away from the comfort and enjoyment of your home. Many people dread calling in a professional due to costs or previous bad experiences, but once you find a contractor who you know will do a good job for a fair price, it will really help to remove any hesitation you may have about getting timely assistance with repairs around the home. Del Campo Plumbing was fantastic, and I would not think twice about calling them again in the future for help with any plumbing problem, no matter how serious.

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